Brilliant Arc

SpaceX for Apps

About Brilliant Arc

Like SpaceX, Brilliant Arc launches platforms on behalf of start-ups large and small. We specialize in combining technologies to create software environments that solve unique business problems. As an independent contractor or development partner we work full-stack, cross-function, or point-based to deliver quality software solutions.

Meta Registrar
for Cisco

Built a generic domain name registrar for Cisco, centered on the MarkMonitor Domain Registrar API using Python.

Go Messaging System
for Mobile and Desktop

Built a Pub/Sub system using Go for stand-alone messaging and Ruby-on-Rails for directory administration.

Mechanical Turk Tagging System
for REA Group through Amazon

Built a data pipeline for sorting, tagging, and delivering high-quality, deeply-annotated images at scale with thousands of distributed workers.

Ontology Management
European Directories

Built an ontology management tool on top of Neo4j for managing knowledge for multiple directories in multiple languages.

Smart Street
Local Business Site

Connected local residents and merchants to one another through a Facebook/Ruby-on-Rails application.